Mine Clearing Vehicle

Hydrema 910MCV i aktion

Built to Blast

The Hydrema 910MCV is an 18-ton Mine Clearing Vehicle constructed to effectively clear AT (Anti-Tank) and AP (Anti-Personnel) mines containing up to 10kg of explosives when detonating them.

Hydrema Mine-clearing vehicle in action desert


Mine Clearing

  • FIX: Hydrema 912FS compact dump truck view of cabin from outside

    Simple but effective

    Equipped with 72 rotating chains and a deflector shield for blast and fragment protection from explosives, the flail unit is the driving force behind the 910MCV.


    The rotating chains either detonate or tear the mines apart while keeping the operator safe in the armoured cabin. That might seem simple, but it is a very effective mine-clearing method. 

  • FIX: Hydrema 912F-series compact dump truck cabin view

    Safe Cabin

    The cabin itself is armoured to withstand firing and fragments of up to 7.62 x51mm AP and equipped with a special blast deflection plate, in the event of an explosion under the vehicle.    


    The spacious cab has seating’s for both the operator and an instructor and is equipped with rotatable seats giving the operator the best work conditions possible. All main functions are controlled via joysticks.

  • Hydrema MCV 2 engines

    Improved mine clearing

    The two identical 180hp diesel engines both drive the flail unit, which has improved the mine-clearing abilities. They are also capable of transporting the vehicle out of a minefield, in case one of the engines breaks down, serving as an extra safety precaution.

Easy deployment

While weighing 18-tons, the MCV is easy to deploy and can be transported by rail, loader vehicle or airlifted to its destination and be operational within minutes. Self-transportable on roads with a top speed at up to 42km/h.

Hydrema MCV airplane transport

Hydrema 910 MCV

Hydrema 910MCV in action


Get all the specs

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