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Mobile Service Facility

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Compact and deployable

Built on the frame of a standard 10-foot ISO container, the Hydrema MSF is a quiet self-powered unit, making it ideal for various military operations. Suitable for military camps, emergency and refugee camps, field hospitals, construction sites etc. in remote areas with high fuel costs.

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Power units

Power units

  • Hydrema MSF solar cell unit

    Solar cell and windmill units

    The unit is multifunctional with its own integrated power source. The primary power sources are the windmill and solar cell units, which keeps the fuel costs low and makes the MSF highly climate and environment-friendly.

  • Hydrema MSF power bank

    Power Bank

    The power surplus generated from the windmill and solar cell units is collected in the integrated power bank, which stores the energy surplus for future use.


    Compared to a 100% fuel based unit, an operational MSF will cut your fuel expenses significantly and allow you to redirect your savings elsewhere.

  • Hydrema MSF integrated APU unit

    Integrated APU & A/C Unit

    With an integrated APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) support power system, the facility is operational 24/7 in even the most demanding environments.

    A/C units and air-cleaning are also an integrated part of the facility.


    The A/C unit operates in both high and low temperatures, so both personnel and equipment can be fully functional no matter the climate and location.


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